Another choice piece from ‘The Morning Show’

'The Morning Show' often has stories that make me face palm, today's favorite was 'Ban kids sitting on Santa's Knee?'
The reason:
Because Santa might be a pedophile.


What the morning show doesn’t seem to know is, that here in Australia, if you’re going to be working with children, you MUST sign a form stating that you are permitted to work with children and are open to a background check on the matter. I’ve had to sign such a form 3 times.  So any previous offenders are out.

As for future offenders? What sort of pedophile would commit a such an act within eye and ear shot of parents, other children, shoppers, idle bystanders and other staff? They will literally under a spotlight. Anyone who would use being a store Santa as a means of getting close to children is stupid.

I’m all for protecting children, but teaching them that they need to fear everyone  is a terrible approach.

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